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" The touch my Queen's soft lips, the discipline of her firm hand, from where I kn "

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Last Login: 2018-01-18
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Extreme Restraints
I am a : transgender submissive

City : Savannah
State / Province : Georgia
Country : United States
Date of Birth : 1984
Height : 6ft 1in
Body Type : Curvy
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Green
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation : Self Employed
Orientation : Straight
In Lifestyle Since : 2000
About me

Along with the eyes a Females intellect is by far the sexiest aspect of her I feel that all other qualities that I seek are wrapped up in this: a sense of humor (only the cultured will get the jokes reference and the intuitive will be able to internalize the situation and quick witted to laugh in time before the moment is gone. I seek her whom I can take to the fine art museum and to a comedy club in the same night... not that She has to “be funny” or “know everything” yet I require an openness to the unknowns someone not threatened by intelligence who appreciates the artistic personality and thus is able if not to appreciate at least tolerate the parts of the poetic personality that having places in so many ways on the far side of the bell curve with all its eccentricities.



I’m in a place right now where I can move/travel to anywhere not only in the States but the world so I feel that it is the perfect time to find her, you? I hope so at the very least I’d love the experience that meeting you would bring me and I tend to find that in the ALT lifestyle that almost all are interesting if nothing else. So please contact me if you feel that you are She whom I seek. I’m a Virgo with a star in Capricorn if that means anything to you if not that then I’m a very slanted INFP (Myers-Briggs) with a 141 IQ a renaissance person perhaps a polymath yet I seek the structure and complete control and the freedom that Female Domination and a FLR brings. I am fairly gender fluid I think I’ll be it I enjoy the “forced” aspect of the feminization along with the relief that bondage and being totally in anothers power can bring. I can be a stubborn sub at times yet as a whole I am completely open to experiencing anything (except animals/scat) my best relationships are often with bisexual is not lesbian women don’t seem to gravitate towards my feminine and I have been the first “guy” for a few And so I won’t rule out polyamory. I truly seek LTR but open to STR and play. Can be a bit shy also getting lost in something I’m working on or creating I can seem to not be active on FDS yet this has nothing to do with you I am just not that aware of time in the same way others seem to be. Also my introversion often makes me forget my phone or drop off for bit of time yet once I get to know and trust and love someone they don’t seem to count towards my introversion exhaustionAnd I’ve been known to be rather overwhelming Dropping all In a quarterly romantic kind of way. I love her and history and science and spirituality a rebel that’s most comfortable swimming upstream not bound by the cultural restraints Accused of being a bit of a hipster loving songs of all types and Genres mostly based on the poetry of the lyrics are the emotion expressed in verse or chord And the best do both seamlessly. Also bit of a foodie but hopefully not annoyingly so. Love the mountains that probably most free on the beach. I like older and more historical cities weather seems to be a power built right into the motor of the stones. I love truth and despise lies and those who choose To deceive rather than trust. Terrible at Smalltalk yet often the life of a party Please read up on the INFP personality type and possible take the test yourself. Some people are very in the middle and so it’s not as “them“ yet mine is almost totally me with only the Thinking and Feeling being the one aspect that fluctuates.


My favorite cities include Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Asheville, Brooklyn, Savannah, Athens my favorite cities include San Francisco, Asheville, Brooklyn, Savannah, Athens Ga, Denver, Seattle, Missoula. Attend a favor smaller cities with high/mixed culture and college towns Where more than the weather can be heard spoken of. Yet so many more places Ive yet to experience would love to take one of those River cruises down to Prague through the eastern Européenne port cities That’s sort of my ideal vacation that and maybe ending up in the Mediterranean on a Cypriots beach. Would love to love you obsessive over you and spoil and serve you lovingly caressing and tasting every part of your body and mind and soul.

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